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Under the name Jatim Park, a comprehensive fun package is brought to Batu. The biggest surprise is the Batu Secret Zoo, part of the nature-themed Jatim Park 2. Behind the entrance with red geometric surfaces, it turns out to be a modern three-storey zoo featuring startling views. I secretly hope that this cool, secret zoo will remain a bit secret.
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Claiming to be the largest safari park in Indonesia, Taman Safari II opens on the slope of Mount Arjuno between Malang and Surabaya, in 1997. It is divided into two parts, a drive-through wildlife park and a walking area with attractions like a water park and a baby zoo.
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As easily western zoos spend €50 million for a tropical rainforest exhibit designed by architects, just as difficult it is for Third World zoos to get access to funding, basic natural resources and knowledge. In this context, the Surabaya zoo looks promising in October 2017, thanks to some outside intervention.
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City park Taman Rekreasi Kota is located in the immediate vicinity of Boulevard Ijen, in Indonesia's Garden City Malang. It used to be a free recreation area for children in more promising times. In this little park, we came across the remainder of a small zoo more secret than the Secret Zoo in Batu.
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