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partners: mysore zoo
partners: mysore zoo


Who are the prompters and chefs soufflés behind the scenes, here?

Claartje van Swaaij
Singing, drawing, painting, acting, standing up, translating ... what can she not do? In addition, a giant animal nerd and zoo buddy. Claartje! 

Ivana Setiawan
To the founder and CEO of startup Venopi, this site owes so many improvements that words fail me. If you think you can't find a platform for locations or venues, you can! Ivana

What do you call the one with whom you graduated in the architecture of incarceration, and with whom your career at the law faculty started? Always up to visit an old zoo and... with whom you can sign up for Tai Chi lessons in Amsterdam? Agnes!

Marc Kollmann
Who has been the unicorn in Pia's team visual and interaction designer for years, always a Buddha smile, and User Experience Master Nielsen Norman group? It's like magic, it's all in the cloud ... it's Marc!

Tom Verhage
That convincing open mind, deployable as a developer, designer, and consultant as well as a User Experience Master solving questions about a template as a snack and responsible for the Emmen Wildlands photos? His name is Tom!!

Maria-Cristina di Termine
She would have loved to draw cute animals and still made the zoo-gle logo with a Z behind bars according to Pia's specifications, though. Hashtag: Maria-Cristina!

Pia Mitchell
Is there a name for someone with a brainpan full of holes so that her mind is always free to spread out in all directions? Don't know either. It is written on the wall: swag is in the eye of the beholder. Website: this one!

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