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humans and animals: gorilla ivo amsterdam zoo
humans and animals: gorilla ivo amsterdam zoo

Humans and animals

Recognition and encounter at the Monkey Rock
A woman shows a gorilla what's in her bag. A tourist is allowed to pet a monkey. Another monkey plays with its peek-a-boo bag and that one boy. Crocodile and human, apathetically lounging in the reptile house. People love to watch animals and like to speak of their good bond with animals. And everyone has their own favorite animal. Like art, animals can teach to attune to someone or something else.

It's not TV
There are also open spaces in the zoo, where you see a couple of animals in a single glance and everyone who happens to be there is playing a role. Every animal has its own magic and you also see them combined with one another. You can almost touch them, and smell them.

Integrated music
So if you've got nothing else to do, go visit one of the bird enclosures in the zoo. Listen to the birds singing, then watch them doing something different in order to quickly start to sing again. Music is fully integrated with bird life in the zoo. That!

Zoo animals
In their zeal to save animals from extinction, humans have created a new category of animals. A number of species fall between domesticated and wild. Zoos exchange animals for the reproduction of these zoo animals.

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