"Der Zolli" for those in the know, is now virtually surrounded by the city of Basel. A true 19th-century city zoo. It is the first and for 50 years the only zoo in Switzerland. Der Zolli was dreaming of becoming Basel by the Sea after the opening of the prestigious Ozeanium. However...


Bears play a major role in the shaping of Bern. In addition, animals are kept in Schanzengräben and Engehalde for over 100 years. Thanks to a donation by William Gabus in 1901, a new animal park could be built "if possible in Dählhölzli" as noted in Gabus' will. Construction starts February 1936, and the opening is celebrated 5 June 1937 on which occasion the bear pits are assigned to the animal park. Architect: Emil Hostettler


Urs Eggenschwyler who worked directly with Carl Hagenbeck creating sculptures and artificial rocks started his own private menagerie on the Milchbuck in Zürich, 1881. He used to walk a hand-raised lion in the Niederdorf area. A tiny little jealous of Basel, Zürich had to wait until 1927 for its own city zoo to open.
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