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Italië Naples 1109 0 A zoo defined by one architect, one who knew what he was doing must be an absolute hit. About a hidden gem in Naples. Read more! Rome 3222 21 Most zoos start as a scientific zoo at that time, entertainment is the great intent in Rome, though. And who better to ask than the king of entertainment Carl Hagenbeck? With some money from the municipality in the back pocket, the society that founded the zoo ensured his supervision in 1909. After a glorious start, the zoo periodically gives the impression that much remains to be done. Read more!
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Spain Madrid 2544 23 In 1774, King Charles III founds the Royal Menagerie Madrid in Retiro Park. This Casa de Fieras is the second oldest zoo in the world, after the one in Vienna. However, in 1972, the animals have been moved to new zoo exhibits, designed by Javier Carvajal Ferrer (1968-1970), and by architect and sculptor Jose Maria Subirachs. Read more! Barcelona 2605 6 In 1892, banker Martí Codolar sells his private animal collection, built from 1865 on, to the city of Barcelona. The zoo, with veterinarian and taxidermist Francesc Darder as its first director, is founded in that year on only 2 hectares of the location of the World Fair 1888. Barcelona zoo takes over a number of the fair's buildings. In the beginning, animals, whatever their size, are kept in equally sized compartments of cages, or in barred enclosures. It is set up as scientific zoo giving wildlife conservation a high priority. Read more!
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The current layout dates from a substantial renovation 1907-1912 when the city of Budapest has taken over the zoo. On May 20, 1912, zoologist Adolf Lendl who was in charge of the overall management of the reconstruction becomes the new director of the zoo. Partly due to the zoo's strategic position between two railway lines, several buildings are damaged or destroyed during the WWII attacks.
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The Garden of the Zoological Society is the first zoo for scientists studying animals and 20 years later also for the bourgeoisie as a leisure activity. The 15 hectares of the site consist of three parts connected with bridges and tunnels. The zoo has 13 structures labelled as Grade 1 and 2. Some of these are no longer considered as suitable for animals. In London the words zoo and aquarium were invented an abbreviation of zoological garden and a contraction of aquatic vivarium.
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There is a 19th-century zoo with the same name as the island on which it is located, east of the centre of Helsinki. The best thing is to go there by water.
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